Chicago Catholic Youth League

10 Commandments for Sports Parents

On the way to the event...

  1. Ask your child to set goals for the game: a physical goal, a mental goal and a sportsmanship goal.
  2. Remind your child (and yourself) to have fun.
  3. Say a prayer of thanksgiving with your child for the chance to play.

At the event...

  1. Be positive with players, fans, opponents, coaches and officials.
  2. Remain calm and in control of your words and actions.
  3. Take a deep breath or step away from the game if you grow angry.
  4. Applaud good play on both teams.

On the way home...

  1. Ask your child, “How do you think the game went?”
  2. Point out signs of sportsmanship shown in the game.
  3. Express your love for your child regardless of the outcome